Special Exhibition from May to September 2019

"Dressed for Success. Matthäus Schwarz - a fashion diary of the 16th century", will be on display for the first time in a major exhibition in Braunschweig´s Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum from May to September 2019.

Exhibition duration

May 8 - August 4, 2019

Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm

Closed on Mondays and on Thursday, May 30th (Ascension Day, bank holiday in Germany)

Dressed for Success. Matthäus Schwarz - a fashion diary from the 16th century

The first selfie blogger in history? An accountant from Augsburg! 500 years before Instagram, Twitter & Co Matthäus Schwarz, executive employee of the billionaire Fugger family, meticulously documented all the outfits he ordered over a period of 40 years for various occasions. The result, his so-called “klaidungsbuechlin” (book of clothing), is a unique resource for men´s fashion of the Renaissance. This extraordinary manuscript will now be presented for the first time in an extensive special exhibition.

Generous loans from museums across Europe allow an insight into the political, social and cultural environment Matthäus Schwarz lived in. Paintings, prints, medals and goldsmithworks as well as numerous other objects paint a lively picture of Renaissance Europe, a surrounding in which also Schwarz himself commissioned extraordinary works of art. A sumptuous riding coat and an array auf accessories and fabrics are original evidence of 16th century fashion, whereas a contemporary British photographer transfers Schwarz´s fashion into the 21s century.

Via means of the “klaidungsbüchlin” the exhibition takes visitors on a journey through an eventful era shaped by early global trade and the Reformation and follows Schwarz´s footsteps from Augsburg to Venice.